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Peace of Mind: As Close as your phone

Beyond Remote Site Temperature Monitoring: HomeSaver in Depth

A Wealth of Features

  • Six inputs/zones capable of reading either analog or digital input states; providing the ability to monitor a variety of input sources including temperature sensors for freeze alarm and temperature alarm functions, door/window switches, motion detectors, glass-breakage detectors, etc.
  • Four switched outputs will control up to four heating zones and/or allow for remote control of other systems on the property, enabling the user to turn up the heat or turn on the hot water heater, etc. Outputs will safely handle inductive loads.
  • Automatic setup feature scans all inputs and automatically determines if a temperature sensor, a normally open switch/sensor, a normally closed switch/sensor or nothing is connected and configures each input accordingly, greatly reducing the time and effort required during setup and installation
  • Rechargeable battery-backup system allows the unit to function for up to 50 or more hours during power failures, and it recharges itself once power is restored
  • Detects power failures and notifies the user after the power has been out for a user-configurable amount of time, or even when it comes back on
  • Separate user-configurable high and low temperature alarm setpoints for each of the six inputs allow the unit to function as a freeze alarm and simultaneously monitor refrigerated or controlled-environment spaces such as freezers, greenhouses or animal buildings
  • Calls up to 8 telephone numbers to report an alarm condition, up to 62 digits each
  • Programmable redial call out interval from 0 to 255 minutes; the unit will continue to call until you have been reached
  • Programmable to answer after 1 to 9 rings
  • Ring-once call back feature for compatibility with answering machines and voicemail systems
  • Remote access to programming/setup and current status
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world where you have a phone
  • Unit may be accessed locally with an extension phone on the same line or by plugging a standard telephone into the front-panel jack if a telephone line is unavailable
  • Responds to all commands and reports current status in a clear and pleasant female voice
  • LED status indicators
  • Programmable speech volume level
  • Programmable security code prevents unauthorized access
  • Displays temperatures on any standard Caller ID on Call Waiting-capable telephone or display on demand, ideal for noisy environments or the hearing-impaired
  • Audio monitoring feature allows you to remotely listen-in on the property, helping to determine if a real problem exists. A microphone is built-in to the unit and an external mic jack is provided to allow the use of a remote microphone if desired
  • X10 control will soon provide remote control capability of lights, appliances, X10-capable thermostats, and many other X10-compatible devices*


 *DSP and X10 functionality will be supplied via a free firmware update in the near future.

Power and Backup


8-15 volts AC or DC from supplied AC adaptor

Standby backup power:

~50+ hours from 2 user-replaceable NiMH AA batteries (Two Days!)


Backup for real-time clock:


5+ years from user-replaceable CR2032 lithium coin cell


Inputs and Outputs


6 analog/digital inputs w/pwr for LM335Z temperature or standard NO/NC sensors

Input temperature range:

-58 to +220 degrees F.
-50 to +105 degrees C.

Outputs (4 total):

2 TTL/driver 5V/250mA
2 optically-isolated solid-state relay "dry contact" switches 58V/1A will safely handle inductive loads

Additional Features

expansion port:


Interfaces to X-10 power line interface or future interface and expansion modules*

Flash memory:


Less than 25% is presently being used for system firmware, allowing for significant future expansion. Firmware upgrades may be performed by telephone at a future date.

Non-volatile memory:

Allows unit to save settings so that they are not lost when system is reset. Less than half of this is presently being used for speech data, leaving the rest for alternate-language vocabularies, possible data logging or other purposes. Memory chips are socketed for easy upgrade/replacement.

Telephone signaling:

V.23 & Bell 202 FSK transmit and receive
Dual-tone detection and generation


Hardware Details

  • Industrial quality unit is housed in a compact, extruded aluminum and steel case, enabling it to withstand harsh environments. Not plastic!
  • All inputs and outputs, telephone interface and external power input are internally surge protected and individually protected by self-resetting fuses
  • Natural-sounding speech in a clear female voice
  • Programmable DSP IIR filter for telephone interface and microphone input*
  • Telephone interface meets U.S. and European CTR-21B requirements, including current limiter for France
  • Complies with FCC Part 15 Class B/ICES-003, Part 68/TIA-968-A-3/CS-03, UL60950-1/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1
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