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It's your home. Don't take chances.

Introducing HomeSaver: The Ultimate Freeze Alarm and More

Know that your home is protected when you're away

The HomeSaver remote property monitor and control system will call up to 8 telephone numbers of your choice when problems like power-failures and loss of heating or cooling occur, allowing you to take action before pipes freeze or high humidity damages your home.  In addition to its built-in freeze alarm capabilities, a number of readily available industry-standard sensors may be added, allowing this unit to inform you of break-ins and flooding due to water leaks as well.  Best of all, there are no monthly monitoring fees to pay.

Whether you're a road warrior, dividing your time between winter and summer quarters, or simply want to enjoy a much-needed vacation, you need to know that all's well with your vacation home or primary residence while you're away.

HomeSaver Watches Your Home When You Can't Be There

The HomeSaver multi-zone remote property monitor and controller allows you to remotely monitor and control systems on your property from any telephone, anywhere. Also serving as a freeze alarm and a high or low temperature alarm, it can interface with and monitor:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Door switches
  • Motion detectors
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Freezers and refrigerated spaces
  • Greenhouses and animal buildings
  • Server and equipment rooms
  • Power outages

HomeSaver freeze alarm unit

You Can Call HomeSaver—or HomeSaver Can Call You

Call HomeSaver at any time to hear actual temperatures, request the status of any sensor connected to the system and listen in on your home with its sensitive microphone. Additionally, program HomeSaver to call or page you if the power fails, the temperature goes above or drops below a user-defined level, a motion sensor or glass breakage detector is tripped, or a moisture sensor detects water. Stop worrying about frozen pipes!

Your Eyes and Ears

HomeSaver will soon be able to “listen” for loud noises like smoke or intrusion alarms using digital signal processing to differentiate between an actual alarm or a loud noise.*  You can dial in and hear all sounds on the property from anywhere in the world; verifying the presence of an alarm, large water leaks, intruders, unauthorized parties, etc. You can easily hear a whisper in the room more than 20 feet away from the unit.

With Caller-ID on Call Waiting (CIDCW) capable telephone equipment, HomeSaver can display information on the CallerID readout, making it ideal for the hearing impaired or for use within noisy environments. CallerID service is not required.



*DSP and X10 functionality will be supplied via a free firmware update in the near future.


Phone readout of temperature

HomeSaver Can Display Temperature Information on a CallerID Readout.

You're In Control

Use HomeSaver to control vital systems in your home. Four switched outputs are provided, so you can remotely activate setback thermostats, heating and cooling systems, hot water heaters, or any other device or system desired. Call ahead to warm up your home or the hot tub before you arrive! HomeSaver's built-in rechargeable battery backup and integrated charging system eliminates the need for battery replacement and allows it to function for up to 50 hours during power failures —a real advantage in remote locations with frequent power outages.

HomeSaver will soon be X10 capable.* Use it to send commands over the power line to inexpensive light and appliance modules anywhere in your home. You can control lights and appliances all over the house, giving your vacant home that "lived-in" look.

Simple, Powerful, Flexible Freeze Alarm,
Power Alarm and Control Features

More than just a freeze alarm or temperature alarm, HomeSaver's simplicity and flexibility make it ideal for a world of uses. In addition to traveling homeowners, the system can be used by landlords and property managers. Elderly family members or people whose mobility is limited will find the remote-control features ideal for managing home systems like lights and appliances from a cordless phone.

HomeSaver can be upgraded to add additional features as fast as we (or you) can think of them! We're working to make new useful features available via a firmware flash-update over the telephone, typically in less than three minutes. No PC or other hardware will be required.

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